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Torah & Tea

Torah & Tea

A Weekly Torah Class for Women

Chabad Lubavitch of the Hamptons invites all women to...


Topic of Discussion:

A study group about Tehillim-Psalms

During every time of need - and at all times, whether at the joyful birth of a child or at the somber passing of a loved one - Ashkenazim and Sephardim alike turn to their pocket editions of Tehlillim and find their deepest instincts faithfully articulated, in the very same words, by King David, "the sweet singer of Israel."

Join us as we continue studying, learning, probing and discussing what the Psalms mean to us, how do they inspire our day and how to appreciate the gift of Tehillim.  

Enjoy the company and great discussion of a fabulous group of women. 



Wednesday Afternoons, 2:30 PM

13 Woods Lane,
East Hampton

Tasty healthy treats

Hot and cold teas and coffees


In loving memory of Mrs. Rashi Minkowicz & Mrs. Rivkie Barber, OBM

Contact 631.312.4286 for more information