Chabad of East Hampton Holds Sumptuous Summer Gala in Lavish Home

The East Hampton Chabad held its annual dinner in East Hampton on Sunday August 13, 2017. With cocktails beginning at 5:00 PM, more than 200 people cut short a perfect beach day to pay homage to the wonderful shul led by Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten located at 13 Woods Lane. The Synagogue became a full year-round presence in 2004 and continues to thrive in both the summer and winter months.

Those who frequent the Friday night service and dinner have the privilege of consuming the delectable challah, gefilte fish, taco salad, chicken and noodles of Leibel's wife, Goldie, who has achieved fame throughout the Hampton's for her gourmet cooking. In addition to physical satiation, the rabbi provides a spiritual haven to a community that appreciates and enjoys his commitment to Judaism. Some of his other talents include a phenomenal singing voice-acting as a chazzan on a weekly basis during the Shabbos davening.

On Sunday evening, hundreds gathered at the multimillion dollar Norman Jaffe designed home of Joel Stern to thank the Rabbi for providing a spiritual oasis during the summer. Some of the illustrious guests included Sotheby's chairman Ben Doller and entrepreneur Norman Stark. Stark spoke of the rabbi glowingly admiring his nonjudgmental love of every Jew and his 24/7 devotion to his congregants. Stark said Leibel would take the shirt off his back for his supplicants.

I admire Leibel for his angelic smile and cheerful demeanor-qualities that are necessary for a rabbi who makes weekly prison visits to gang members and victims of tragedy. His large beautiful family is paradigmatic of the Chabad way of life; abundant families with strong Torah values. Tonight Leibel spoke about the unfortunate loss he experienced this past year with the death of his 87-year-old mother whom he said "was everything." In her honor he started a fund to place mezuzahs in 87 homes and ensure they were kosher.

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