Tuesdays 2:00PM-3:00PM


Pondering The Parsha with Rabbi Leibel 

Parsha class led by Rabbi Leibel. Examine the weekly Torah portion through the lens of contemporary commentary, and you’ll be amazed at how fascinating the Parsha ideas and concepts are. Join our intriguing weekly journey into the hidden recesses of the Parsha’s passages and discover its meaning and relevance to your daily life.

 at 17 Woods Lane, EH


 Ladies Torah and Tea

The Torah is the ultimate guide book for life. The previous Lubavitcher Rebbe taught, “We must live with the times”, the times meaning the weekly Torah portion. Together we’ll study the stories, teachings, and the lessons of the weekly Torah portion.

Tasty healthy treats, teas and coffees

at 13 Woods Lane, EH 

If you are attending class for the 1st time, please call to confirm, 631-329-5800 #4