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“Hebrew School to You” is a revolutionary program offering quality Jewish education throughout the Hamptons! You choose the time, location, topic, and some friends (if preferred), and we provide experienced educators and dynamic content. 

Please read through the following FAQ’s to get a better understanding of how it will work.


What topics do you teach?
Each class is designed to help you reach your educational goals for your children. This year we will be focusing on “Bringing It Home!” which includes: Jewish holidays, Jewish identity, Mitzvot of the home, community values… for additional time, you can add Hebrew reading, Parsha, Jewish history.

How often do classes meet?
Classes meet weekly in 6-week sessions with many students choosing to participate in 3-5 sessions per year.  Classes are one hour each with a 30-minute add-on option available.  Or you can choose to have one-hour classes, 2 times a week.

Sounds great!  But we’re (not that religious/we’re new to this whole Hebrew School thing) will it still work for us?
Regardless of your Jewish background, or level of Jewish education, Hebrew School to You is a great choice!  Because we tailor-design each class based on its participants, Hebrew School to You can work for anyone.  We’re prepared for students whose families are otherwise completely uninvolved, students who have attended full time Jewish day school and weekly services, and everyone in between.

I know classes are offered at the “location of my choice”, but what does that actually mean?
We’re open to anywhere in the Hamptons! Some suggestions include:

  • Your home
  • A park
  • A Public Library
  • At Chabad of East Hampton

Please note, unless the class is taking place at one of our locations, another adult must be on premises.

How do the group classes work? What if I don’t know another family to join with my child?
Typically, our group class rate requires a minimum of 2 families or 3 children.  It’s great when children learn with friends as they can develop great friendships and learn from questions and comments posed by their peers.  So whenever possible, we will do our best to help you pair your child up with at least one other child at their grade level.

We offer private tutoring as well, if that is your child’s preferred method of learning.

What precautions will be taken due to COVID-19?
All groups must be stable groups for the full six-week period. 
All staff and students who are not siblings will practice social distancing. 
All staff and students will be wearing masks. 

With all the customization and privatized learning, is the program super expensive?
We do our best to make our program accessible to all Jewish families.  No child is ever turned away from our programs for lack of funds.  Our prices are competitive and all-inclusive.  There are no membership fees, book fees or registration fees. 

Group Lessons (3+ students for one hour a week)
$340 per student per 6-week session
$320 for additional siblings per 6-week session 

Group Lessons (3+ students for one and a half hours a week)
$500 per student per 6-week session
$475 for additional siblings per 6-week session

Semi-Private Lessons (2 students for one hour a week)
$420 per student per 6-week session

I still have a few more questions…
Feel free to email [email protected] or call 631-329-5800 #4.

I'm in! So, what do I do next?
Click below to submit a registration form! We can’t wait to have you on board!