The Aleph Champ program takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills into 10 colored levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level in Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. Self motivated students is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program.

Students learn and practice their reading in school with their teacher. Daily practice at home is crucial to sustaining the information learned in school. Students must do homework a minimum of eight times before advancing to the next level.

Upon completing a level students receive an award and medal and move on to the next color!

The levels

  • White Aleph Champion  Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet.
  • Red Aleph Champion  Master all 32 letters of the Aleph Bet.
  • Orange Aleph Champion  Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations.
  • Yellow Aleph Champion  Master the first 6 vowels with letter combinations.
  • Green Aleph Champion  Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations.
  • Blue Aleph Champion  Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules.
  • Purple Aleph Champion  Master reading familiar Prayers and Brachot.
  • Brown Aleph Champion  Master reading important Tefillot.
  • Grey Aleph Champion  Master reading from the Siddur in a timed fashion.
  • Black Aleph Champion - Master reading over 100 words in a minute
White Aleph Champ Red Aleph Champ
Orange Aleph Champ Yellow Aleph Champ
Green Aleph Champ Blue Aleph Champ
Purple Aleph Champ Brown Aleph Champ
Grey Aleph Champ Black Aleph Champ